06 March 2009

my man

my Man works 12 hours shifts. He works this whole Fri- Sun and then starts the new shift on Monday night. I wont have him around at night for a whole stinkin year!

He's a good guy. I just finished ironing his shirts and that prompted me to write a bit on him.
I think he deserves a movie trip to Watchmen on Wednesday. His first day off.



D said...

4 weeks post op from back surgery, my man had to see it this morning. I must admit, I took him dropped him off & picked him up 3 hours later. He LOVED IT. he said I would hate it. I'm pretty sure I would.

Ronda's Rants said...

Have fun! That sounds like a long year...

Little Family said...

All my friends are blogging about how great their hubby's are today. I did night shift with Peter for about a year in Germany. It wasn't too bad. It had it's moments. But in a way I enjoyed it. I got a lot done at night. Hope it goes fast.