06 March 2009

I miss my Jaci already

So my friend Jaci that has been living with us since December just moved to California. I wish her all the best! She will be missed.


Now here is Jace doing some modeling for todays blog entry!

The swing set works well, even in cold weather.

This high chair was given to us and as you can see Jace finds it extremely relaxin' !!

5 SuperGREaT outdoor toys were given to my parents for us! Thank YOU!

We are so blessed. We hope to be able to pass these blessings on to some little ones real sooon!


I sent these swap goodies to France recently. My swap partner is sending me some crocheted Amigurumis! :) Can't wait to show you!

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The Cooking Ninja said...

Can't wait to see your little ones soon.

You are so brave. My heart is too soft and I will cry and cry and feel so blue if the little ones I cared for goes back to their family. And then I will worry non stop if they are ok or doing well etc.