27 February 2009

a prayer

This is me and my dear friend Michelle. She is getting married this summer! this was a picture from my wedding two years ago.
This past week her fiance was diagnosed with brain tumors and had a surgery to remove them. There are many things going on and we hope and pray for the best. Please join me in a prayer for Darrin. I will keep you updated as she is able to keep up with me. Please also pray for Michelle to find time to rest as she is living in the ICU with him.

thank you!


Anonymous said...

Totally will be doing that for you!

You both look very beautiful.

sara's art house said...

Awwww, praying for Darrin. What a beautiful picture of you two.

Kori said...


Katie Barker said...

Oh my - thanks for letting us know. Will pray for Michelle and Darrin. I didn't know she had gotten engaged! How exciting. And now this "tragedy"! Will be praying for God's will and them.

Lugeba said...

Dear sister Rachel,

am so very happy to view your web, its really unbelieveble for me here. i thank God for yur life and the life of your Husbanda, i thank God also for the heart which He gave to decide to become a fostor parents and wish you access in everthing you do.
4 sure i and my wife plus JESUS IS THE REFUGE CHURCH PRAYER GROP we shall but pray for Darrin, and Michelle everyday. am gone put this two wonderful saints of God on our daily Church prayer list.
Thanks from pastor Lucky Gift. UGANDA EAST AFRICA.

LindaSueBuhl said...

beautiful picture - so sorry for your friend and her fiance - prayer is a powerful weapon and wise choice to ask for support in that way - will pray for them both right now.