24 February 2009

No Violations

One more down.

We just had our health inspection at two hours notice!

--No Violations @ time of inspection--

March 10 is the big finale and then it could be any day from there on out that we have our license!

Hopefully we will licensed for 7. That is at roughly between 45-50 sq. ft per child.... Our local requirement is 40 per child....

OK so even if we are licensed for 7 I am not planning on overwhelming myself with a number I cannot handle.... Time will tell... Dont get nervous for me yet. lol.


♥georgie♥ said...

so glad you got that license!!! how awesome

Michael & Sandra said...

Yay for one more thing down! Looking forward to see how God works in this.

annie said...

I've seen a lot of "woot"s lately, so I'll give you a WOOT.

I'm missing my avatar now, but it's same ol me.

Glad to hear you are almost there. Just learn the word "no" and you'll do fine.

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