07 March 2009

I matchbox. do you?

I wanted to show you two of the matchboxes I have made recently for swaps. I love making these little guys and filling them with baubles and such. These are the 32 ct size. Now both of these are made by me with cardstock and paper. I have also purchased matchboxes from the dollar store and painted them or covered them with paper. Both ways are fun.

Well I'd love to give you a matchbox!

Leave a comment with a theme you would LOVE! I will randomly choose a winner tomorrow and make you a matchbox. Just for you! My only hope is that you will blog about it. will yah?
Some themes I have done before are popcorn, lemonade, green and pink, hello kitty, floral, and many more.... check out flickr for ideas if you can't think of one you would love.


thanks for playing!!



RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

I LOVE them!!! My favorite would be a calico design. I adore calico.


Little Family said...

Can I just have a pinch of your creativity please??? You put me to shame. I LOVE your boxes. I really wish I had a little more time to try new things. I am lucky if I get my quilting done. :)

Pam said...

These are so sweet! I am collecting gingerbread things now, so I think that one on that theme would be adorable!

D said...

You are soo creative!
How about Japanese?

The Two of Us said...

Amazing. I am totally not creative. You completely are. Hmmm...how about something with rottweilers? Or the colors of rottweilers?

Sonya said...

I just started making these myself and they are totally addicting. I just love yours!