13 March 2009

Bloggin with Pictures.

Here are my most recent little art projects. These are called Mini ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I swap them on Swap-bot.com

What do you think? Cute?
I had fun with them! there are two sets of five. You might think what is the purpose of such cute little arts. Well, I think they make the perfect magnets as well as additions to scrapbooks, etc.

Here is the oatmeal bread I baked this morning. YUM. When the Deputy wakes up i know he will have some. I will make him a Peanut butter and honey sandwich on this bread!

Here is my little art student. Paiting with watercolors.


Little Family said...

Yum. Bread.

Preston and Audrey's Mommy and Daddy said...

Ooooo the bread looks so good:) Did you knead it yourself?

Emma said...

You cards are absolutely beautiful, you must have had so much fun making them!

Melinda Zook said...

Those cards are really neat. What a good idea!