23 March 2009

Back and Bustin at the seams

Here I am!

Jacob finally had a weekend!!
WE bought passes to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. This past Saturday we enjoyed the day with Jacob's co-workers. Here are a few pictures!

On the Sky Rail--
yeah so not very attractive... but oh well--

Aren't these guys just so darn cute!!--

Bella with the lions (doesn't the glass look invisible!--they must use windex!)

Montu-- yeah so I didnt go on this--but Jake did!

In the Musical Show Katonga--

Also in Katonga-- good fun show

It's Florida so I have to show you the gator!--

Bella with the Lizard!--

In two weeks we have BIG plans for going to the Renaissance Festival! SO excited!

**Oh i love it when Jacob gets days off!!

**And we get to go to SeaWorld soon too!!

**I love Florida!
**Oh and Ikea opens in a couple month!! within 5 miles of me! OH YEAH oh yeah!


sara's art house said...

I am JEALOUS about Ikea!

Little Family said...

Peter and I are so psyched about Ikea too. May 6th can not come soon enough! Maybe we should all go!:)

Ronda's Rants said...


LindaSueBuhl said...

Nice to see your fun weekend together - amazing picture with the lions! Great that you plan adventures on Jacob's weekends off -

Melinda Zook said...

Wow, lots of excitement goin' on there! Great pictures too!

sonia said...

great pics! 5 miles to Ikea...uh oh. I would be in mucho trouble! lol.