12 February 2009

hello ladies and the occasional gent.

Im home today. The lovely Terry will cover for me at the daycare until I am feeling better.

Yesterday, I met the new little twins. ah they are the most precious babies. I really {wanted} my foster license so I could take um home. ::grin::

One thing I am learning about many of the children in our county is that they come from very young homes. Many of the parents are teens. I guess I wonder the about the stats and such, but what i really want is just to keep a few babes safe until their parents can or until another permanent home can be found.


Several times I have been asked: "Won't it be hard to give the baby back after being with them for so long?"

True i have not cared for a baby more than 6 months, but take this example to heart.

*Your best friend has a little one

*She gets sick.

*She needs someone to care for that little one.

*You take such precious little one for a year until she recovers.

*Best friend gets well cared for little one back.

--beautiful story--


Well many parents are "sick"-- whether it is a result of a bad choice that lands them in jail for a few months, or a drug rehab program.

Seeing these children reunited or placed in a permanent adoptive home is such a beautiful thing! I was able to see several children go home to parents who were really TRYING. trying hard to overcome and it was a sweet sight to see. (while I was at EB)


As i prepare for my final home inspection, I am still in need of a set of bunk beds as well as basic childrens toys.

Can you give me a list of the toys you think are NEcessary for a young home.

I have a wii, and an outdoor playset. I have plenty of good books, and stuffed creatures. I have the beginnings of a good dress up chest.

I have arts and crafts galore....


TwoMuths said...

I think you are amazing to have this burden to care for needy kids. YOU can share the love of Jesus with them! It's awesome.

As far as toys go, I'd say some wooden and/or lego/duplo type blocks, a few balls and for babies an exersaucer. At least, those are the staple items here!

Pam said...

You must have things to drive--cars, trucks, trains. Most little boys seem to be born with a motor inside of them, and they can't help but want to push things around.

I also recommend having some baby dolls around, with doll-size care items, such as toy bottles, doctor kits, play food, stroller, and blankets.

Nicki said...

I can tell you that Pufferfish (20 months old) has always been entranced with any baby toys that talk, make music, or do some sort of "cause and effect" thing. For instance those boxes with a row of characters that are inside tubes or something, and when you push buttons the characters pop up and sing a song! Pufferfish has loved those things FOREVER! For older toddlers, preschoolers, and younger schoolage kids, I think sets of toys they can play "pretend" with are always a hit. Little Bear, Monkeyboy, and every other kid who has ever set foot in my house have always loved playing with things like a set of plastic animals, a set of dinosaurs, a set of dolls, a set of "Little People," a cooking set, etc. And a few messy things like paints, playdough or Mood Sand. You could probably pick up a bunch of good stuff at a Goodwill if you have one near you!

Annie said...

If you are planning on infantish type children, boppies and exersaucers.

The boys love the duplo, and trains and cars, I tend to put those up in the beginning of a placement, and just hand them out one or two at a time. It's easy for them to get overwhelmed in the beginning.

We are actually investing in a big pile of dirt for our boys. They cannot think of anything more fun. I would probably agree. See if the local appliance store will bring by one fridge box every once in awhile. CPS probably wouldn't like that though....They do sell card board boxes that you can make into houses and color on, we have purchased many of those.

No swords, breaking up a sword fight isn't very fun.

We also have lots of fun with Play Do. It must be the brand though, the knock offs are a mess.

I hope you get your babies soon. I completely feel your heart on the returning kids. I, even at this point after four years, would gladly hand over the children to their parents if I knew the parents were well. It would kill me, but I would gladly do it:)

LMLogan said...

foster parenting always seemed so difficult to me...until you shared this! :) you have such good insight since you've worked w/ these kids and families! thank you!! you will make a GREAT foster mommy soon!!

as far as toys...david LOVES books. he's also into boxes (like from a box of diapers) and plastic containers - like from a large cottage cheese container. free and simple! :) but for real toys...he enjoys a book w/ buttons that has songs and this helicopter toy that lights up and talks/sings. we don't have much - but he doesn't seem to care. he's not really into the stuffed animals - beside chewing on them :)
love you!! can't wait to hear all the exciting adventures yet to come your way!

grandma's quilt said...

I hope and pray you feel better soon-I think you are amazing to have care for those kids whom Jesus loves-keep up the good work Rae.Toys?legos is the best for my boys when they were growing up but you have to build with them and for me it was a lot of fun!

Ronnica said...

I agree with TwoMuths...blocks or legos are a must. Encourages creativity, and can be used for all sorts of purposes!

And I think it's an opportunity to love on those little ones!

Ronda's Rants said...

Do you need things?...I would love to help you get them!