18 February 2009

better and best

well I am better from that despicable cold and sinus flu....


I went back to work this week and had many marvelous moments. After this month I will be doing more in home babysitting as it fits our lifestyle a little better. I have 2 little ones all lined up.
Jacob starts working night shift!! On march 9th our lives will surely change as he leaves home around 6:15 pm and comes home the following morning by 7:30.

I will be watching a lil girl during this shift. Hopefully doing lots of sleeping too! During the day I will be watching a lil man for my friends while dad goes to school and mom goes to work!


As for foster parenting.-- GOOD NEWS-- the radon results are completed and havebeen turned in to the Health Dept. We should get a call within 48 hours scheduling the health inspection!

After that-- we have the home inspection by our agency!
so.. it seems to be moving along a tad , eh?

I made nacho bellgrande tonight for dinner. it was fabulous. yum


Little Family said...

One: Glad you are feeling better. It's about time! Two:Night shift, uck. Peter did that for the longest time, but what a great thing that you will be babysitting and making some money at home. Sweet deal! Three: Go progress!!! Soon those sweet little kiddies will be in your arms. Four: I need cooking lessons from you!

Plaidfuzz said...

Isn't it crazy how long it takes a decent family to get a foster child placed?

Nicki said...

It sounds like things are getting exciting for you! I would love to do overnight child care and just let the child sleep. I would be super at that! Unfortunately we don't have enough beds in our house... we got kids crammed into every inch of mattress space!