15 May 2008

Hello world and all my blogging friends.

I'm not going to work today because I am going to my handsome husbands graduation from Police Academy!!!!! Oh yes, I am sure I will get lost down town today and show up a sweaty mess , but I am so proud of him! He has had really early morning PT(physical training) and hours of "voluntary community service". Starting Monday he will be PAID for PT!. Yeah for him! Running hasn't ever been a favorite past-time of his but several night a week, he runs a mile and I'm happy for him. I kinda fast walk along with him sometimes! For the next 6 weeks he will be in Modular training by the Sheriff's Office and on June 27 he will GET HIS STAR!!

WHat a trip this has been! I'll post pictures as soon as I can.


SO Yesterday at work I was reading Harold's Circus. Around the part where he is falling through the sky and landing on a lions tail I got all quiet and suspenseful.... You could hear a pin drop in the room... All of a sudden little "girl" Screamed a roar through the room. I about lost it! It was the funniest moment of the day....

Now When I pretend to act like a bear ,or any other various creature, I have a little soon- to- be three -year -old boy that always gets so angry and says " STOP IT, Your not a bear, You're Miss Rachel!!!"

__________________________________________________________________ DO any of you fellow couponers have problems printi
ng coupons? I know firefox has issues so I will copy and paste into IE and then I will be told I have already printed it the lotted amount of times?? And some of these coupons are for getting an item free and I hate to lose them... ??? any ideas??


To spare you the gory details I have had over 6 breakouts since Saturday afternoon! I have never had Hives before in my life and They are NOT pleasant. Yesterday I was Hive free and what a wonder that was!
I do not know the probable cause, but have been keeping track of exposures...,etc.

Hives HUrt! It's not just about being itchy!! Maybe I have a low tolerance for pain but they really have to "solve" this medical mystery soon!!.



TwoMuths said...

Sometimes I have the same problem printing coupons, and I have had to uninstall my "Coupon Printer" software and wait a couple days then go back and print them again, which prompts me to re-install. That has worked for me in the past!


Michael & Sandra said...


Sorry about the hives! Hopefully that goes away. I can't imagine that as being fun.

Congratulations to Jacob! I'm excited for you guys. We'll have to have a celebration party for him when he is all done. :)

Hang in there!

Sara Mincy said...

Congrats to Jacob!

Little Family said...


Nice to see you on here. I will add you to my list. This is a great way to get to know people. Congrats to your man on his graduation! That is great news. Hope you find the graduation. And if not, there are a lot of beggers down town that I am sure you can join their group if you can't find your way out. HAha. Jk. ~Julie