15 May 2008

Graduation Photos

The Class President and the Class Flag

Jacob getting his diploma.

Posing with the Diploma by the window!!

The Cadet and his Wife.

The TOP SCORES!!--OH yeah he's smart.

With the wife and diploma.

Brittany and Rachel posing with the diploma... I don't know why!

THE CLASS 199-08

Another Diploma Picture

The Family Came (Mother and Father Beaton)

Momma Ashmore --You asked for pictures!!--You got THEM!


Anonymous said...

thank you!I am so glad you put some pictures,keep up the good works you all look great!
if you ever needs anything let us know.sending our love to you and Jacob!moma

LMLogan said...

wow so special!! CONGRATS JACOB!! I bet you're one proud wifey, rae!! so now what? is he just off to work?

Kelli said...

Congratulations to Jacob and also to you for seeing him through!! Those were great pictures.