14 April 2008

finding your blogging niche.........

There are


Deco Blogs

FruGAL blogs

Personal Blogs

Biblical Living Blogs (& theology blogs)

PhotOGrahY blogs

I love them all! I love reading up about people and their families, I love all the cool food photos, I love the advice on saving and finding things for free, I love the inspiraition to be creative.

What blogs do you visit in the listed catogories?!?!!?


Shanna said...

I'm a total blog addict and keep tons of them in my bloglines reader.

I've got my friends' blogs (like yours), money blogs, Christian blogs, food blogs, management/business blogs, design blogs, etc.

If you're looking for some good ones, it's cool to browse the top-rated in different sections at blog catalogs.

Katie Barker said...

I mostly keep up with personal blogs. I've got a money saving one that I like and I like the art/photography ones. I mostly stumble across them though and don't have time to actually keep up with them.
Any recommendations on the photo ones? I'm hoping for a new camera soon!
Also - while mine is personal, I try to include a variety of subjects on it.