15 April 2008

saving over $78

Albertson's is having a sale.. buy one ribs get two free...... SO I have three HUGS slabs of ribs!! that I picked up for $30!

PLUS... buy $15 of participating Italian products and get free salad, free bread, free pasta, and free spice.(The spice was out, so they gave me a rain check.)


SO you can barely see the ribs..... but OH MY GOODNESS.. I am hoping for a cook-out in a couple weekends :) yeah for summer.! YOU ARE INVITED!!

so all this for less than $50

The ribs themselves would have been $90!! crazzzzzY.

OK.. so isnt it kinda weird to take pics of your groceries?!?!?! hahaaa.....


Pam said...

Yes, it is funny to take pictures of groceries, but apparently it inspires others to work at saving!

Mamacita said...

For sure you have inpsired me to start shopping the specials. I love your enthusiasm. What do you do with the money you save?