14 April 2008

my MOnday Menu

moNday: Honey Garlic chicken in the crockpot, rice, broccolli florets (most unappetizing photo shown at the link)

Tuesday: Baked LAsagna, homemade bread, corn (or spaghetti)

WeDNEsday: Muir Glen Organic Beef and Vegetable soup with crackers

Thursday: Out to Eat (have doc appts, and work all day)- or leftovers picnic by the pool.

FridAY:*edit ribs and potato salad

Weekends: DO you prepare meals at home on weekends? I may make a brunch on Sat, but that seems to be the extent of weekend cooking unless we have ppl over. WE are out, or we snack, maybe only having two meals each day. WHat do you do on weekends?

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