06 March 2008

I stayed home.......

After reading yesterdays post It shouldn't come as a surprise that I took the day off to "take care" of myself and calm my emotions.

I find "couponing" to be a very FUN activity. I don't go spend $200 on shoes or even buy new jeans to comfort me. I guess we could call CVS my favorite TOY?

I will admit that I tend to look to food for comfort. (I think that's why there are things called comfort food) That has been a problem since my pregnancy, but I will save this talk for another day. I am finding it harder and harder to comfort myself.

I enjoyed some time today going to Super Target and CVS .... I'd like to share my findings with you....
I feel successful. Success comforts me.
Super Target: $1.34

4 string cheeses- at 29 cents each with 2 50 cent coupons.

1 bag salad - at 1.19 and a 1 dollar coupon

1 head of broccolli - at 1.99 with a 1 dollar off coupon.

CVS: Free
LAst week JAcob and I spent over $70 and recieved over $50 back in ECB's
today I got a coupon for free candy from the CVS printout center, 1 dollar off any lotion, 3 dollars off any CVS purshase, 1 dollar off any CVS cookie.

I got about 17 dollars in ECB'S back from theLumene Body Activia firming lotions, COlgate toothpaste, Keri lotion, and Dove bars.

The paper was just something we REALLY needed so I used ECB's for it :)

I still have about $30 in ECB's for another story next week :)

oh and yes, this is my dining room table :) hahaaa...... Ive been searching Craigslist daily for something I really like and something I can reallly afford.... and it's just taking a bit longer than planned :)

Here's my little art area in the corner of the living room. . .. JAocb bought me the table at Walmart last weekend...we're still looking for a couch :)Here's a frame I made this past weekend.....
I plan on doing something fun with those wooden candle sticks.....hmmm???....

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Sarah Corbin said...

Rachel - great finds! I love craigslist and couponing as well! I'm glad you had a fun day . . .
Isn't it ironic that now we need so much paper and ink - where are the paper and ink coupons for printing more coupons???? Ha ha.

I love being a keeper at home, don't you?