16 December 2007

an interesting weekend.

Here's and update to the two of you that read my blog!!!

-Many little ones are reunited with family by Christmas so I will have a new brood soon!

- This weekend was my weekend off and stated quite interestingly! WE arrived at my dad's (he's doing well on recovery from his surgery) and began to cook breakfast. I put Jacob's plate in front of him on the table and he stretched ready to chow down! As he brought his arm down he hit the chair next to him. The pain was so sever he went completely pale and told me that he thought he was going into shock. Within a minute his eyes rolled back and he was out. Scared, but not panicky i helped him slide to the floor and when he didnt respond I made a quick 911 call.... a minute into my conversation with the dispatcher, he awoke and within 30 seconds the paramedics were there.
Apparently his body made a vagal response. SO word to the wise- be care to protect your funny bone!!!!!!!

Jacob was accepted into POlice Academy!!!! To begin January 24. I am so proud of him! He will train for a detention deputy position.

- Today we looked at a home!!!!!!!! hoping to take a tour next SAturday.
---just to rent. ain't no way we'd get a loan.....OH OH OH unless God loans it!
-We hope to move out of EB by January 8 or 11. Take a visit to Illinois and maybe LA too.......

Ill be honest. Im ready for space........ready for an oven....... ready for a bathroom where no one walks through on you..... ready to cook more than mac n cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! OH yeah Oh yeah!!

and more than anything... ready to have weekends back......
DOn' take them for granted people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok ciao.....


Kelli said...

How scary that must have been for to see Jacob go completely pale! I had no idea that could happen by hitting the funny bone. Hope things go well with the house; I never take space for granted! Congratulations to Jacob for getting into the police academy! That is great! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Pam said...

Well, who da thunk? I had no idea that could happen!

Glad to hear that things are going well for you!

Sarah Corbin said...

Sounds like you acted pretty calmly; I usually can react pretty calmly as well but I'm freaking out inside!!! How scary! Glad Jacob's ok, and that he's been accepted into the Police Academy - congratulations.

God bless your search for a house, and for a more, ah, peaceful life. He is so good and loving to us; I can hardly believe it. Have a wonderful Christmas

Sara Mincy said...

A lot going on with you! Glad Jacob is OK.

I pray that things will go well with the housing situation. God can work things out- and lead us where He wants us to be.

Let me know what it is like to get weekends off...that would be very interesting :)

Shanna said...

I actually just read that part about Jacob out loud to my co-workers because it was so shocking. Oh my word! I'm glad he's OK!

What happened with your dad, by the way?

Anonymous said...

glad to heard my baby is okay i"m so proud of you two keep up the good work remember our LORD is good and He will provide for what ever you need.matt.6:33 seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you!
missing you two soooo!!! much!!!!!!!!!mom A

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an exciting weekend ~ I'm sure it wasn't exactly what you had planned! :)

Sounds like you all have much to look forward to. God is good and He has an amazing plan for your lives!

Merry Christmas!
Nicki S.

THE SPEARS said...

that is so funny, i am so sorry jacob but it really made me laugh!! the same thing happens to me!! if i hit my elbow in the right spot, it knocks me out cold!!!