20 December 2007

I'm at that point.......

IN some ways I'm nesting....... I'm wanting a home. There is no baby on the way. (BUt maybe 20 foster kids-- Can you believe I have parented over 11 boys these past 6 months!!)
And to be honest I'll admit a fear of future pregnancies. God doesn't give us a"spirit of fear". I know that. I'm not putting limits on God. He can do something amazing to my heart...tomorrow or in three years.

Right now I'm willing to do whatever it takes--WORK LOTS-- , to get a home. I want to live in a home. I want to save. I want to live in a home we can afford.
Eventually I want to have some foster children in our home. (Maybe we will start with ONE vs. 5....) I seriously would ASK/BEG some of you awesome parents to take in a foster child, because some of the homes they are in are BAD!! literally BAD, folks. Some case plans are only 6 months. And one can always close the foster beds when they feel the need. WE had two girls leave "to go to a better place", only to be brought back a week later because of the horrible conditions. I always want to have a bed open for a little one who needs it. I just don't want to expect --someone else to do it. --

Jacob and I plan to move out of EB on January 11. I plan to continue working here even if I have to spend the night a few times a week. I'M not scared of work and long hours, but I am ready to be able--to go home-- after those long hours :)

Please pray as we look for a home/Apt in the Brandon area. Centrally located near the jails.... ANy one else wanna live near the jails :)


my plans for the holidays include ...
--a trip to MOSI to see the POLAR EXPRESS on IMAX
--a night time drive with the little ones to see Christmas lights and eat Chicken nuggets.
--A SUnday BBQ at Tia BArb's
-- A Jewish dinner feast on Christmas here at EB
-- A visit to MOther and DUD's either Christmas Eve or Christmas.
-- SLeeping by 8 pm!!


Mom said...

I takes special people to want to live by the jails, but somebody has to do it.
May all your Christmases be BRIGHT (not necessarily WHITE)!

journeyer said...

Rachel - you always inspire me in your transperancy, your photography, and in your spirit. I will pray with you and Jacob for your future. Merry Christmas.
Love, Katie

Pam said...

That all sounds like a good plan. I am all for working like crazy to meet your goals, especially when you are young and it is just the two of you. The Lord will bless you for the sacrifices you have made at EB, but I understand your desires (and fears). I am excited to see what the Lord will do in your lives in 2008!

Kelli said...

I will be praying that the Lord will lead you to the perfect place to live. He has given you the desire to foster these children and He will give you the home you need in order to make it happen. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!