01 February 2007

SOme LATE CHristmas PIcs

WEll, there's Jacob and Rachel at the Top.
Here's LIttle Alton in his Christmas Outfit.
SO our little baby will be exactly one year

younger than Alton. Yeah Cousins!
There's the crazy family (grandparents and grandkids)

And there's Mother and Father Ashmore with ROMAN.
He's only a poser for Elisabeth apparently.


Elisabeth said...

Ohhh, I missed all the fun! Can't wait till next year, plus we'll have your baby to spoil as well! Thanks for watching Roman for us! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for chatting on the phone today, even though it was over an hour!

Elisabeth said...

Okay, I need a life, I'm molding into my office chair, sigh. Anyway, why is dad wearing suspenders with a tank top?!? Classic Earl! And I just want to squish baby Alton! Yummy!

THE SPEARS said...

love the pictures of my kids of course!! just think if u have a boy i will have some cute clothes!! for you baby :o)

Kelli said...

Great Christmas pictures. That picture of you and Jacob is precious! Yep, you will have a baby to spoil next Christmas. How fun!!