01 February 2007

WALMART BOYCOTT- A Potty Pregnancy Story

Hello friends.
I 'm not pleased with Wal-Mart. I was considering making a baby registry there because of there great costs! You know! really they have a reputation for good deals.
Now about a month ago, I went to Wal-Mart to get some material to make a curtain. I had use the restroom when I arrived and the front restroom was closed so I made my way to the back of the supercenter where I found the other toilet being cleaned!! OH NO! What am I to do? I mean I go every twenty minutes!!!!SO I made my way back up front assuming they'd almost be done- NOPE. SO I did my twenty minute shop and visited both restrooms AGAIN!!! BOTH STILL CLOSED!! There were employees squirming outside the toilets too!!!!!!

SO there is the reasoning behind my Wal-Mart boycott.
:: grin::


Elisabeth said...

Yeah, you posted your story, and I still was laughing! It was funnier over the phone though hearing it from you! I for one love the prices there and will continue to shop there. However, in your honor, I shall not use the potties there ever again if it can be avoided! Thanks for the laugh!

journeyer said...

wow... what a story. So sorry. I would have been hurting!

Sara said...

OHHHHH so it is YOU Rachel (Beaton)!!!!! I couldn't figure it out at first because the pictures weren't showing up on your blog (some blogger issue) But I have figured it out!!!!! So glad you found us! Congratulations on your marriage and pregnancy! I LOVE your wedding pics- BEAUTIFUL colors! Your husband is cute- where did you meet? Maybe you said this in your blog- I will have to read your archives.

Anyway- say hi to your parents...we will keep in touch!