29 January 2007

week 16

I'm heading into my 16th week and apparently the baby is about as large as a grapefruit. I can't feel it though. I wish there was a sign of being pregnant other than nausea.
I'm really trying to transform my thoughts from looking at pregnancy as a "curse" to looking at the miracle. BUT that's HARD!
I've learned that sugar is bad. Sugar makes nausea worse! Ive also learned that laying still, NOT MOVING AT ALL, is one way to ease nausea!! And you only have to be still for about 20 min. Basically the time between bathroom breaks :) Well I drink ALOT.
I still don't have any pics because I don't think I look pregnant. Ive never had a flat stomach so I just look "thicker". YUCK. "THICK" isnt cute. ahhahah. I figure the bump will come in the next three weeks and I can manage a picture.
I'm praying for Medicaid to come through this week, before I see the doctor next week.
I can't get my ultrasound until week 20 or so. OoooO BUt I do wanna know -boy or girl-.


Kelli said...

I hope the morning sickness passes soon for you! I am sure that can't be fun. I am looking forward to seeing pictures and also to know whether it is a boy or girl! I am so happy for you!!

banjonomad said...

awww...i hope you start to feel better soon. hang in there!

can't wait to see pics...and to hear whether it's a boy or girl. :)

LMLogan said...

rae I'm still just so excited that you're going to be a mommy!! can't wait to hear what it is!!!! do you have names picked out yet?! anxiously awaiting that preggo momma pic!! :)
miss ya!! love ya!!!

journeyer said...

I too can't wait for the pic. Glad you're finding out what works for you (no sugar, laying still, etc.) it IS a miracle. A beautiful, beautiful miracle - and YOU get to be a part of it. Life is short, so enjoy all the parts of it. Can't wait to see more posts!

Steve& Sarah Kate said...

hey girlie! Excited for you--and hope that you feel better very soon!!!


smlogan said...

hello rachel,
i know we only briefly met at our wedding, but lindsay keeps me up to date on how you are doing.
jacob has a brother named peter, right? i knew a guy named robroy.
any chance he's related as well?

i must admit that i was taken back by your reference to pregnancy as a "curse". perhaps the quotes were meant to distill any negative overtones.

of course, the only sense in which scripture would allude to childbirth as a curse would be as it pertains to humanity's fall into sin. genesis 3.16 affirms the resulting pain that accompanies pregnancy - a motif which jeremiah utilizes 6 times.

still, the overwhelming biblical evidence is that children are a blessing/heritage from the Lord.
i know you know this, but it is especially poignant for my family at this time - as my sister has experienced 2 miscarriages in the past year. God has kindly given her 4 healthy children, yet accompanying each of these blessings has been a painful providence to match...the last two being nos. 3 & 4.

i hope you never have such an experience, and pray that God will give you the grace to embrace this season of life less as duty and more as delight.

Anonymous said...

your transparency is refreshing, and no doubt you posted this for some prayer support. kudos to you for trying to adjust your focus. the sickness, definitely a curse. the baby will be a blessing, and i'm sure you know this. it's awesome that God knows and cares for all our needs (and fights these mental/emotional battles that are so hormonally charged.) He is GOOD all the time!!

Rachel and Jacob said...

Well, all I have to say is if I get pregnant again I need Zoloft.

strawberrymama said...

Hey, lady!
I can totally relate to those feelings. When I was sick during the first trimester, I just wanted to die (literally!). I was very depressed because I had never felt so terrible for so long, and I hated that I couldn't do anything without great nausea! I hope you start feeling better... has the nausea started to subside yet? I started feeling more normal around 5 months (about the time I started to look pregnant!). Most people complain about the 3rd trimester, about being uncomfortable and having heartburn and stuff. I was like, "just bring it" it was so much better than nausea. I'll take not being able to tie my shoes over unable to function anyday!
Hang in there!