23 June 2010

So it doesn't have to all be about pictures.,...

Sitting here in my bed after a long day with my precious family, I htink about wanting to share them with you!


Still parents of 5. One new addition. A 15 year old girl. love her.

Everything is going wonderfully with everyone. Even though two of my sweet littles were to be reunified with their father last month, nothing happened and they remained with us. The next court date is in August.


My deputy is considering going to work as a cop for a different agency here in Tampa.

I met my daughters cute BF tonite. They're adorable. He wants to take her on a date to go ice skating!! {love}


My 3 year old is soooon to be adopted. He will be be my "MIKE" .
He is in preschool and is attending vbs this week too!!
{smiles and ooozing love}

thanks for tuning in to this most wordy update


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Congratulations on your new daughter. How sweet that they went ice skating.

Can't wait to hear all about the adoption celebration.

Shannalee said...

You're so cute. Love hearing how things are going and thrilled they're going so well. :) Miss you!