17 December 2009

Just SO much to SHare!

Well this post is truly indicitive of the Blog Title.

Something to Blog about------------------------------------------
I have so MAny things to Blog about today!


Today I blog from the Kitchen table at Grandma's house in Illinois. Two boys play in the play pen while the other two are sitting in a laundry basket playing with Barbies. Yes, Barbies. My daughter is sick with the flu as is my husband.

Before we left I made some CHristmas goodies!! Easy doctored up fudge from the condensed milk recipe. Cake mix Sugar cookies!! and some delicious Toffee. I think toffee is one of my favorite things to make! I love seeing the sugar get all carmalized....

Our trip to Illinois went well. About 20 hours of driving, Jacob drove the whole way!! HE is so good to us! We ate at Cracker Barrell, Subway, and Panera. We stopped ALOT due to myriads of poopy diapers. Our hotel has a nice complmentary breakfast.... For a family of 7 we only had an $80 hotel bill!! nice!! two cribs, two queens and a pull out bed....

I was SO happy this past Monday to see Shannalee from FoodLovesWriting. Not only is she an awesome blogger, she was an awesome college roommate, and continues to be and awesome friend. Yes, I intentionally overused that word Awesome :)

Here we are at Portillos where we enjoyed some YUMMY hotdogs--Chicago style.


Shannalee said...

Aw, you're AWESOME, too. :) Loved seeing all of you guys. Wish I could ditch work and come be your buddy all week!

sara's art house said...

Your treats look so goooooood!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Good for you for still being able to bake with the kiddos underfoot. It looks great!

Hope your daughter and hubby feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Wow look at all your treats!!! I still have to make and deliver ours. I'm so behind in the baking area this year. The shopping done. The baking, not so much!


Tracy said...

Oh Portillos . . . it has been way too long :) Seriously praise the Lord for such a great deal on the hotel and great travels! Your goodies look delicious. I'll be praying that your daughter feels better soon so she can enjoy her time with your families.