30 November 2009

Trying New recipes

for a family of 7.....


Tonight I am making Ham balls.... Those sweet and sour kind from allrecipes.com


Creamed turkey has been really popular with the kiddos all month long!

I make a basic white sauce

1 stick butter
1/4 c. flour
and black pepper

Then: I add canned or frozen veggies and chopped turkey peices........

I add more milk if needs more...

Put this goodness with noodles or rice and they all love it!!

It makes a good meal for hubs to take with him to school or jail as well!!


Have you ever tried that pineapple casserole with Ritz crackers and cheese? Now i didn't make it but tried some at the family Thanksgiving and I liked it! yummo. the kiddos didn't so I wont be making here at home, but I was wondering if you have tried it?


This morning I made cheesy turkey quesadillas and they were so yum. I like using corn tortillas because they get all crunchy!! How do you make quesadillas at your house? I use the pancake griddle :)


Oh I made this super delicious squash casserole for thanksgiving!!! topped with Nilla Wafers! OH YUM. SO yum!!! seriously try this!!! I used a pound of frozen squash and so there was no need for the cooking part at the beginning. I simply thawed and mashed it.

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Mamacita said...

I make quesadillas with 8' flour tortillas; place cheese and what have you inside and moisten the edges a tad with water so that when I turn them, the stuffin' doesn't fall out.