14 September 2009

Its Official.

Well we now have a name!
Our foster home is labeled! We are now officially a Target Foster Home.
We gets small bits of additional funding and fun monthly outings like Disney/ChuCK E Cheese/Movies etc....

We also accept 5 or more children at one time. Catering to sibling groups.
I love it!
By the way our foster home is named the "Rachel A------- Foster Home"

I love how they totally left my hubs out! LOL.

Two boys joined us this evening! We now have a happy home with 5 children and YES OF course I still babysit!!
I am happy being surrounded by children and I do my best to keep them cool , calm , and collected although I sure have my moments!

I will accept and be thankful for any an all prayers that you send out this evening!

many thanks and snores.....


Anonymous said...
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Little Family said...

I am so thrilled for you. I really can not think of a better foster mom then you. I wish I had as much patience. Love ya.