19 September 2009


Its been quite the week. Can I just say that i love being surrounded by little ones?!
I DO have enough love for ALL of them.
My husband also has a lot of love to share. Despite what you may think each child is cared for and loved in this home.---


I have been questioned a lot this week and also encouraged!! I am so thankful for those who support Jake and I on this task of caring for the neglected.

Its hard to receive and look past comments that are continuously thrown our way. But as I cuddle with a little boy and them give a breathing treatment or fix a bottle, I am able to heal! Stick and Stones do break bones and Yes words do hurt me.

Words also heal me! A sweet new friend sent me a devotional this past week which brought tears to my eyes.

My daughters face full of thankfulness after a torturous OBGYN appt heals me.... The smiling face covered in dirt from the guy who wants to play so badly but cant walk yet..heals me.....

what heals you in your everyday life?



Mamacita said...

The Psalms heal me. Not any one in particular, yet the ones that extol God's goodness to His children help heal my hurting heart.

Katie Barker said...

A friend who prays over the phone with me - helps me to heal.

The Two of Us said...

You are doing a great job, Rachel. Those kids will be different because of your impact on their lives.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Rachel!


Kelli said...

You are an awesome Mommy and care giver for these often forgotten and neglected ones. You have such an awesome heart and so much love. These kids will never be the same because of the love you and Jake have given them.

AMIT said...
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