21 July 2009

SO the News Is.

Well Ladies and Gents, we have another boy joining our family today!

He is school age and I hear that he misses his mom something fierce. Our agency thinks I am a "nuturing" mum and that he will thrive with me. Isn't that sweet to hear?

And for those of you who know the real names of my boys this ones just as "FUN". LOL. Since I already have Baby "L". I shall call him Big "L"


image by funnygalsal

I'm in the market for a mini van. Do you have a mini-van? If so, do you like it? I like the ones with doors on both sides for ease. What about you?!
I'd love advice as this would actually be my first time buying experience for ANYTHING!
I will be trading in my cute lil Corolla for this PLAN.



TwoMuths said...

Once you get a mini van you will wonder how in the world you did without it. :-) I love it - It's so easy on my back (with all its problems) getting in & out and getting the kids in & out. I'm sure you will love it!!!

Next time we get one, i will be hoping for the kind with the door opener on the key fob. That is cushy!! :-)

Susie said...

I had a mini-van but I don't have a great opinion because ours was a lemon:-(

Nichole said...

Congrats on the new addition and yes, that's a wonderful compliment to you.

Mini Van: my SIL has a Honda Odyssey and LOVES it

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Congratulations on you new addition. That's so exciting!! I hope that he settles in quickly with you. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Toyota Sienna. It has an electric door on the rear passenger, priceless. I also wish it had an electric closing rear door, but I manage.

We bought it because it had six seats in the back AND car seat anchors in every seat. Meaning if we needed we could comfortably put in six car seats. We had three in the back for two years, now they are in boosters and they can go anywhere.

Two things I hate about it, the heat/cool controls for the back are in the back. There is no way to control it from the front. There are many 100 degree days where someone has turned the heat on and I didn't notice til we were on our way. The other is a back up alarm/parking assist. It beeps when we are in the garage but not until we get inches from the neighbors fence, it is very annoying but you can override it.

Other than that I Love it. Good luck and God bless.

Pam said...

Yes, I have a minivan, and it is the best! When it is raining, you just toss the kids in, and then hop in behind them, closing the door. Then, you can buckle everybody in without getting wet! There is plenty of room for hauling things, such as double strollers. Also, if you have to move big stuff, like say, a washing machine, no prob! I also feel safer riding up high, especially on the highway with the big trucks!

Originially, we bought a brand-new Toyota Sienna. Boy, was that a sweet ride. However, we sold it soon after to get out of debt. Two years later, we paid cash for a 9-year-old Plymouth Grand Voyager, and it has been a good vehicle. Our very back seat can lay down flat, which would work great for camping if we did that sort of thing, but it comes in very handy for hauling my baked goods to market! Doors on both sides are a MUST. They are not automatic on mine, and that would be a nice feature to have. An automatic tailgate would be nice too. If I could add one thing to mine, though, it would be a built-in DVD player.

Susan said...

We love our Honda Odyssey. There are doors on both sides that open remotely. It can seat 7 or 8 and with the middle seat out you can walk all the way back to the back bench seat. (Important when there is road rage happening among the toddlers in the back) The side windows roll 3/4 of the way down (not just a little crack) and the back bench folds all the way out of the way. This is important when you buy something at Costco that you didn't know you were going to and you need the space without having to remove the seats. The middle seats also fold down flat or remove. (without a child in them of course)

The drawback we've noticed, which I think is a problem with any car, is that you can only put 2 carseats in the middle or in the back. If you have one on each end there isn't much space for a person to sit in between them. Of course this means we can have 4 carseats, but with having to keep the kids in a carseat or booster until they're 8 it isn't always quiet enough.

Overall we really, really love it. It also has 14 cup holders (no joke) and in my book you can never have too many cup/snack/small toy/wooden people/ etc. holders. I can also open and close the side doors from the front seat. (You'd be surprised how often this comes in handy)

Ronnica said...

Yay for a new boy! And that's a very encouraging thing for them to say about you!

D said...

I have a Mercury Montiray. You can open both doors with the key fob. I love it!!