17 July 2009

My oh MY

These past two days have beeen killer for me!--------------------------
On Thursday night we ordered Buca Di Beppo to go.....
Tasted yum and All, but within an hour I was all chills and throw up. ! The wretch lasted me until about 8 :30 am. So without Sleep Im begining to wonder "What's aMom to do?" Thankfully my husband was home and doing a wonderful JOB. I have three appointments that I missed on Thursday due to being in BED.


Some friends of my parents picked up our boys and Jacob kindly watched Jace for me. I got a few of hours of precious sleep due to some Phenergan I had from a bout last year. HAte being nauseous! I sleep well last night and I am starting to feeel myself again!
Jacob is finally in bed. (he works nights) and Im up with the boys. They are being goood. :)



sara's art house said...

You poor thing!!!! I pray you get fully recovered very soon!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Was it food poisoning? I'm glad that you're starting to feel better again. You have a sweetheart of a husband to take the extras off of your shoulders so you can rest. Take care.