30 July 2009

It's onLY ThuRSdaY


Well SchoolBoy did get three letters home and one day of suspension from Camp. Im kinda sad cause I was looking forward to family day and the cookout.

So he is upstairs vacuuming, and he already wrote his apology letters . . . No Im not an advocate of making kids say sorry all the time or making them "kiss and make up". That is a learned appropriate response.
Jacob got home around 11 last night and the boys slept in past 8 so I actually got some good rest! yeah!
Now he does leave for school in a few hours :( but Im glad to have him home this morning :)
No YMCA today due to behaviour :( but maybe tomorrow night! OOooO I am hoping for some good behavior so that I can have fun tooo!! LOL.
I just finished windexing the floors of my house to make them shiny!! And all three people that came over yesterday afternoon (case managers and therapists) ignored the shoes off sign.. HM??

Chat soon friends.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Uh oh! What did schoolboy do?

Is he suspended just for the rest of this week?

Where did you post your sign? I may need to do the same with white carpet.

Susan said...

I always say something like "It's fine to leave your shoes out here on the step or you can leave them inside the door if you'd rather." as I'm blocking their entrance into the house.

Mamacita said...

What part of "please take off your shoes" don't they understand? It's part of our rental agreement in Hawaii that we can't wear shoes in the apartment. It does save on wear and tear of the carpet and we hardly have to vacuum.