19 June 2009

A week in the Life

Of This Foster Mom . . .

  • 4:30 am- Wake up in Baltimore and catch 7 am flight to Tampa.
  • Immediately Call CaseManger for Doctor information while getting luggage. (Toddler D's cast fell off)
  • Ride home while making phone calls to the orthpaedist. Schedule appt. for the afternoon/
  • Get home just in time for morning nap. Actually get a one hour nap!
  • Drive to Plant City for Doctors appt. Took about 45 minutes.
  • Wait in in lobby with no toys for 45 minutes. oops.
  • get X-rays
  • Get told arm has healed
  • Star drive home
  • Get phone call from all case mandagers and guardian ad litems sceduling visits for the week.
  • Attempt a trip to Kohls where they told ME to find the cart that is like a stroller as im holding a baby a dragging a toddler... So we left.... after looking around for the stroller.
  • Jace arrives at 7. Poor guy is sick,
  • Phone rings off the hook today too.
  • Chat with the Child Protective Services about my childrens medical care.
  • Attempt at finding new pediatrition.
  • Find one!
  • call everybody and their brother about switching medicaid
  • bake 2 loaves of bread
  • make beef and cheese empanadas
  • make mini spring rolls
  • make hot dogs in biscuits (pigs in blankets)
  • Serve hors'deurves to my family and friends


  • 1:00 appts with case manager and guardian ad litem
  • Send Jake onemergency run to Subway for lunch
  • reschedule other appts.
  • Send Jake out again for run to Target
  • cook crock pot chicken
  • go to Post office with fam
  • go to Library with fam
  • get shoes for the boys at Payless
  • Chnage baby in Payless because he throws up all over

  • Jace is feeling better!
  • 1:00 Behavioral Psycologist comes over to do a study on one of my boys until about 3.
  • Husband gets home from orientation for his law enforcement class
  • it seriously thunder storms!
  • Adam and Kelly come over
  • We order pizza
  • boys go pick up pizza
  • we get boys to bed
  • I sleep
  • Frist thing doctor appt for Baby L to get a ENT referral as requested by the Child Protection Team.
  • Pick up dunkin donuts cofffe and donuts on the way home
  • Call Wic and schedule an appt for Mon.
  • PLay with boys.
  • Nap
  • Have another guardian ad litem over around 5 pm.
  • Take boys to Target at 7 after feeding them dinner.
  • Get home and have Bath time
  • put boys to bed
  • realize i havent eaten yet
  • shower
  • blog.


LMLogan said...

whoa!!! go you!! :) so proud of you!! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Bizzzzy. Yes, you must remember to eat and shower:)

Very glad to see that the Guardian ad litem is coming over. I haven't seen one since the very first placement we had over 5 years ago. 21 kids, 1 Gal visit. You sound busy but happy.

Get some sleep:)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You've got to be exhausted! Good thing the boys are sound asleep so you can relax and of course, blog.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful about the little guy's arm being healed - one less thing for him to deal with (a cast). You must take time for showering and eating - as primary caregiver - your first priority has to be keeping yourself (and your marriage!) in good shape. These little ones are obviously getting better care and love than they have known - God is using your family in such a great way!Cool to hear about!

Pam said...

I had to laugh, because I have written similar posts! It is amazing how God gives us mommies the strength we need to get the job done!