22 June 2009

About the Boys

It takes time to get to know our children. Here are a few things I have observed. . .

Lil Man D
A typical two year old that needs the occasional time out...ok so maybe not so occassional...

Loves BAthtime and apparently likes the taste of bubbles too

Says "I'm done" by throwing his food on the floor and pretending it fell. OOPS

Dances to all music and ALWAYS has a song on his mind

Loves to be hugged

Doesn't quite know how to listen to instructions like "No"

Can dress himself but likes help

LIkes getting lotioned

loves bedtime (90% of the time)

Reads books!! even ones without pictures.

Asks "where's PapaCake?" 10 times a day

Baby L


two deep dimples

Look like Lionel Richie

Loves BAthtime and "swims" the entire time on his tummy

Is starting to crawl!!!

Loves to eat, loves to eat, loves to eat

still wears 0-3 month clothes

loves banging blocks on the floor

thinks prunes are fabulous

loves MommaRae and would rather she hold him if she is nearby (sorry PapaJake)

hates being held in the air

Im enjoying the boys! Im tired by 8:30 but I'm having the time of my life!


Pam said...

I just love these posts about foster parenting. I have never known anyone who went through this, and I am amazed. You are doing a great job, and definitely called to serve the Lord this way.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet Rae,you and Jacob are blessed.
love you,

Mamacita said...

You are quite observant. Isn't it amazing how Lil Man D has an innate rhythm? Keep the running commentary coming.