28 March 2009

The weekend edition

well Jacob does NOT have a weekend, so he is upstairs sleeping.

I am feeling kind of dumpy so I dont mind staying home doing crafts and resting.

On monday Jacob will have his part of the home interview and then we SHOULD be done. OH MY. Wouldnt it be crazy if we actually get everything done for our license on MONDAY?!!?



So the lil man Jace that I watch is now fast on his feet and up the stairs in seconds. My how they grow! Here is Jacob and Jace as they duel on Guitar Hero!

Ive been Crafty. -------------------------------------------------------

Here is a cute little suitcase I made with "inchies" inside. Inchies are One-inch peices of artwork. I used collage technique for these.

A Touch of Whimsey


Whimsey JArs are a popular swap Item in Swap-bot. Here are two of my recent creations!

Berry /Cute fruit theme Mini Whimsey Jar. I want to add a raspberry item to this jar if I can find one! Dont you just love the strawberry eraser?


This is a Pink and Brown Crafting supply WHimsey JAr . This one uses a 6 ounce baby food jar.
Included are Used stamps from Poland, stickers, buttons, ribbons, embroidery thread, lipgloss, earring and hairties.

Well thanks for visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ronda's Rants said...

Good luck and they look adorable playing together!

nicki said...

Hi....thanks for visiting me!
the whimsy jars are lovely....I keep meaning to look for a swap for them on swap-bot. In fact....that's where I'm off to now!!
nicki x

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm am so very NOT crafty and always amazed at the clever, colorful and fun items you make! Hoping for the very best and quick outcomes and that you'll have babies to care for very soon,