02 February 2009

Be still my heart

I went back to work today.
Besides the fact that we really need the money , I kinda missed being with kids! This foster thing wasn't supposed to take this long!! I thought id have a houseful and barely any time to myself by now!

Well I had 5 toddlers and 1 infant today..... Ah that lil guy was just too much. He held on to my neck ALLL DAY, he played with my ear... it was like how he soothed himself.. well I fell in love by about lunch-time!

I had fun with all the other children as well! I do love the preschool years!! I really do! We did flashcards, and some stories, music..but barely any outdoor play-- so rainy/windy.

{by the way-- yes i am superwoman- that's how I manage 6 children for 8 hours with no break. I just didnt want ya'll to be jelous or anything. I wanted to clear the air and let you know of my powers!}


Ronda's Rants said...

Sounds like bliss!

Kori said...

Phew that made me tired. lol

So glad you are enjoying it.

Annie said...

That is one long previous comment. Anyway, you are a super hero if you can handle six preschoolers for eight hours without a break, I struggle with three, for 12 hours. Hope your house is full soon.

Rachel and Jacob said...

yeah i deleted that crazy comment?! weird.