28 January 2009


I took this idea from Kori who took it from someone else... and you can take it from me.....


I live: in a 4 bedroom -2story house

I work: with children

I smell: lavendar sheet spray

I listen: to the fan

I hide: my tampons

I walk: to the mailbox

I write: addresses on envelopes

I see: these four walls

I sing: silly kid songs

I can: take a nap every day

I watch: lost, heroes, american idol and more

I daydream: even at night

I want: to have no financial worries

I cry: at the cemetery

I read: Something Borrowed

I love: my handsome deputy

I rode: to Pinellas park today because I took the wrong exit from the airport.

I sometimes: eat hot Fries

I fear: losing people

I hope: for foster babes

I eat: too much

I drink: koolaid

I play: wii and uno

I miss: my sweet baby Joseph

I forgive: within three minutes

I drive: but i don't like to

I lost: my tape dispenser

I dream: really wacky stuff

I kiss: Jacob

I hug: you

I have: a headache

I remember: my baby

I don't: eat musrooms

I belive: God cares

I owe: lotsa money to ppl.

I know: that Jacob will be home for dinner

I hate: having dry skin

I wish: for some foster babies and a bunk bed to pu them in! lol

I wear:orthodics in my shoes

My ex: i dont have one.

Maybe I should: learn to drive standard

People would say that I'm: a photographer or foster mom

I don't understand: legal mumbo jumbo

Life is full of: hard decisions.

My past is: not too bad actually

I get annoyed when: people make noise while Im sleeping.

Parties are: for FOOOOD

Tomorrow: I have to clean the old apt..

Never in my life have I: gone to France

When I was younger, I: wanted to be a nurse

When I'm nervous: i have to take medication

When I was 5: I was in kindergarten and broke my right pinky finger

My life is not complete without: sleeeping

If you visit my hometown: come see me!

The world could do without: mold

If I ever go back to school: I would study nursing.


Kori said...

Awesomeness. 4 bedrooms? Praying that you have more foster babies than bedrooms to put them in.


I have read some of your posts. I liked the same and would like to revisit your website.

If you like short stories and paintings, then a visit to my blogs would be an interesting one for you.

Naval Langa

Another Interesting Blog

LMLogan said...

love that!! :) miss you!

Mamacita said...

Mi hija, thanks for the cupcake stickers. I know Miss Vickie will like them.

Ronnica said...

Fun meme!