03 January 2009

New Year.

I have a few things I hope to accomplish/work on in 2009.


-- church attendance

--begin adoption profiling (since it took over a year for this foster thing--might as well get a start)

--establish daily routine

--plan meals

--build my etsy shop and create more types of art

-- foster a sibling group or two

--have 10 snail mail penpals by the end of the year

-- host bi-monthly potluck suppers at our house

--establish a chore chart/ cleaning routine

What kinds of things are you doing!?


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Here's to your New Year's list. Looks like a good one and fun too!

Plaidfuzz said...

I am too unorganized to even make resolutions, lol.

Little Family said...

Very ambitious. I like the potluck one b/c I am assuming I will be invited! Haha. :)

grandma's quilt said...

I want to organized my basement,please pray dad will let me and help !lol

LindaSueBuhl said...

Good plans - all sound within reach and you will definitely have to be organized to deal with a sibling group - seems like kids really need a schedule to help them feel the boundaries and support. Best to you in the New Year - should be interesting year for all of us!