03 January 2009

i {heart} Ashley

Ashley is my hero!!

SHe has only had our "Case" since Dec. 26 and is already ready to come over THIS WEEK for a visit and signing of the licensing papers. CrazzY.

SO it seems like LifeShare has their act together. Or at least Ashley does. She wont be my full time Family Dev. Specialist but hey shes hot for now!

SO getting my license and moving into that new 4 bedroom is just so EXCITING.

We tried to get the carpet cleaned but water had been turned off for the house. :( boo. so that just pushes it back a week or two :) so its OK.

Here is a few more pics for mom Ashmore and anyone else who enjoys :)

----------------------------------------------------------Jace-- son of our friends.. PLus I get to baby sit him sometimes and I love it!!

a lemonade matchbox I made for a swap. cute huh??

Jaci on Christmas!!

New Yrs LAsagna with steamed veggies in my new steamer!

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grandma's quilt said...

keep up the good work my dear!