03 December 2008

Thanksgiving day Bakery

I made some Oatmeal Pupkin Bread-- so delicious , soft, and moist! almost like a dessert bread.

Regular Ole White yeast bread. Jacob loves his sandwiches on this bread for work.

Nana and I on Thanksgiving day!

My Pumpkin Rolls, based off the Recipe found on MoneySavingMom.com

Check out Shanna's Blog for a great Pumpkin Cinnamon roll recipe. very similar!!


sara's art house said...

All of it looks yummy!

Shannalee || Food Loves Writing said...

Oh, you are so good about baking bread. I really want to get better at it! (Usually, the whole yeast thing intimidates me.)

Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Little Family said...

Ok, so I have decided that when I grow up, I want to be you! You are awesome at EVERYTHING you do! If only my mom was as good at this baking stuff as you were... although, I may be chubbier than I already am. Hehe.

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