23 November 2008

general store-- a little bit of everything.

I made salt dough cupcakes!! arent they lovely??

Ever have a Japanese snack attack!??!

This is how I role. Best babysitter ever!! Wouldn't you hire me!! hah.

swap-bot loot. One days mail. Its nice gettting the goods! I encourage you to join!!!



D said...

We lived in Japan for 3 yrs, and I love everything Japanese! We have a great "real" restaurant/store near us. We looovve going there.

georgie said...

wow cool pix! I have never heard of swap bot...stopping by from SSS sentral to wish you and your fam a Happy Thanksgiving

imbeingheldhostage said...

I've not heard of swap bot--sounds fun!
I received my ornaments and blogged about them. Thank you so much-- they are very cute!!

D said...

hey Rachel,
you're one of my winner on the Clorox giveaway. please email me your address. to ddashby16@hotmail.com

The Mom said...

email me your mailing addy, you won on my blog! themomjen@gmail.com

georgie said...

important sss info is posted on my blog...

I wanted to stop by and remind you that the deadline to ship the Secret Santa Gift is December 10th. Please send amybo or I an email amydoo @ sbcglobal . net and give us the Delivery Confirmation Number.

Gifts are being received as we speak so you can check out the posts on our blogs to see the latest.

If you have received a SSS gift please leave either of us a comment and just write received in it somewhere.

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