01 November 2008

Photos Overload.

How does a picture day sound?

I have to admit I have become addicted to swap-bot and creating crafts and pretty things for my fellow swappers.

Here are a few new artsy things I have learned.

ATC-- Artist Trading Card
a 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 in card decorated in a theme with your name and contact info on back.

a 1 inch square mini version of the ATC. These are commonly turned into collages or magnets..

Whimsey Jar-- a traditional Mason Jar (or smaller) altered into a fabulous creation and stuffed with all sorts of goodies. The goodies range from buttons, to stuffed animals, to candy, to stickers...

Matchbox-- altered.
One takes a mini matchbox, covers it in paper and decorations according to the theme. Then STUFF it full of tiny goodies such as sequins, beads, sticker flakes, etc...

Kawaii-- a term loosely used to all things CUTE like Hello Kitty, Morning Glory, Artbox...etc.

Now onto the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!-----------------------------------------------------------

one of my first ATC's . Im still a beginner!!Brittany and Jace at my party :)

Roses at my party. Arent they perty!?

Pretty sure the cake says "Racher"

My new purse! I bought it with my birthday money. woo hoo! love it!

Another try at an ATC.

Cute felt goodies I made.

I made these while watching a pretty boring movie the other day. I figure they would make a great addition to the tea set I bought for the kiddos!!

Have you made felt food!?!?


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Racher. I love it.

Pam said...

Well, Racher, I think those felt goodies look delicious, and would make really cute magnets, in addition to playthings for the kids! I'd love to try to make some. Are they stuffed with anything? Batting? How about a tutorial?

I had a girl in my K5 class named Kawaii.

Office said...

Rachel, Congratulations! You won my bloggy giveaway for a bib and burp cloth set of your choice from my etsy store. You can visit my store at www.toddlertailoring.etsy.com and pick one you like and then e-mail me at davina.perret@gmail.com and we'll arrange shipping. In your comments you said you liked the hawaiin and carrots print-I can always make a bib/burp cloth set out of those prints as well. Just let me know what you would like. Thanks so much for entering my contest. What a fun week.
Davina Perret

AndreaLeigh said...

Hey, I'm visiting from SITS. Can you tell me more about swapbot? Sounds like something I'd be interested in.