29 October 2008

Heart Strings

Is there something that really makes your heart stop?
What makes you tear up and want to devote every last drop of energy?

For some it may be national pride / natioanal security
For others it may be missions....

For me I get all weak kneed and crazy about our foster care system. I am relatively new to the foster scene but my heart breaks for every child that doesnt have anyone to call their family.

Ive been reading a few things about aging out of foster care and such.
It just touches me

Perhaps you'd like to read for yourself.

What gets you going?


iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

oh I am with you - those sweet babies and kids that just need someone - anyone - adoption and foster care get me right in the heart!

Little Family said...

I love children as well. But I have a special place in my heart for the elderly. It makes me sad that they live a whole lifetime and have so many stories and experieces, but can fit it all in one little suitcase to go to a nursing home.

Pam said...

I love the pursuit of freedom from debt. I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan, and every Friday on his radio show he lets people call who are recently debt free. I cry every single time. It just really inspires and touches me, even now that we are debt free.

mamacita said...

The homeless! I know many of them made bad choices that drove them to homelessness...but then again, some didn't. They just lost their jobs and got behind in debt payment. You know, that could be any one of us.

Kadi said...

Hey Rachel! You won the Pamper Me chex basket over at the Innsane! Please head over there and email me with your info :)

Annie said...

Aging out of foster care has to suck. I had a friend whose parents ran a group home, and on their 18th birthday the kids got $200 bucks and a bus ticket. Sounds like prison.

Some of the kiddos we've had have aged out. It's sad, they can stay in care until they are 23 in our state if the foster parents agree to it and they go to school, but most of them leave when they turn 18 thinking that whatever is out there has to be better than what they've been through, and sadly they are probably right.