12 October 2008

I have to admit.

I think it is sometimes difficult to see past the piles of frustrating paperwork and home studies to the precious babes that we will be caring for.

I miss my boys from EB. I had so much fun being a caregiver. Many times I was tired and I do get cranky when I'm tired, but I loved being mom.

As a child I loved playing "orphanage". I would gather all my dolls, wrap them in blankets and put them on the couch and care them them one by one.

This Thursday I should be able to give you a pretty good update on where we stand after we meet with our Family Developmental Specialist.

I have a question to those other foster parents out there ( I know a few read my blog). How do you have your fire escape routes posted? Did you cutsey them up and frame them? Did you put smiley faces on them and use bright colors?


Annie said...

I have a bulletin board in the hall, it has our license, our current inspections, all the necessary display items including the fire escape. It's up in a public place, but out of the way so it doesn't interfere with decorating. I doubt that in the event of a fire any of my three year olds would consult it. Or any other kid for that matter. I think it's dumb that we have to post one, especially since no kid is sleeping more than five feet from a window. Drills are more important, but what do I know?

I really don't like my house looking like a OSHA poster shop. I can understand the license, but ours has been up for over four years, who's to say it's even valid, no one has ever checked it.

I'm glad it's getting close for you.

Tulsi said...

I'm saying hi from SSS. You have a cute blog. A foster parent?

Plaidfuzz said...

My sister and BIL adopted his nephews out of foster care, and did foster them before the adoption. They sure didn't have fire escape routes posted, but maybe it varies from state to state.