11 October 2008

How does it happen for you?

It seems to be around the time that you notice the puddle in the kitchen (from a leaky fridge)that the silverware drawer also falls apart.

The kitchen sink plumbing also falls apart around the same time as the air conditioner freeze over.

Do things attack your household simultaneously like mine?

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.... Im going to sit back and watch 88 minutes with my hubs :)


Lisa said...

I watched 88 Minutes the other night. I reviewed it in my weekly movie review and will be posted Sunday. Let me know what you thought of the movie :)

Annie said...

It's like when you have the budget meeting in the kitchen and deciding there is zero wiggle room, and the dishwasher and the washing machine both hear and then start competing horrible noises.

Anonymous said...

within the last 2 weeks the heating element on the stove went out. Then the van broke a "hose". And The Boy had surgery.
when it rains, it pours!

georgie said...

Oh I really need to rent 88mins
as for things that happen-they seem to come in 3's for me LOL

Kendra said...

Leaky ceiling, weird car noise, finnicky garbage disposal... all within 33 hours. I TOTALLY get it.

Manuela said...

Yeah, Murphy usually strikes everything at once in my household. We've been fortunate lately that we haven't had any calamaties!


LindaSueBuhl said...

We saw that movie - for us not a biggie - like Ironman better. Sometimes it seems things all break at the same moment but DH is a skilled handyman so it isn't overwhelming (usually!)- more normal around here is we get the renovation bug and it spreads from one project to another!