19 September 2008

anxiously awaiting.

Today I dove into the PaperBackSwap craze!

HOW fun, friends.

I rummaged through my boxes and bookshelves to post my first 10 books. I already have three books ready to send out to others and a few on their way to me!


The book I am awaiting is a foster care portrait by a 25 yr foster parent. No, shes not 25 yrs old, but has been parenting over 25 yrs.

That's brings me to our foster update. We continue to await the finalization of our packet.

Blessing!!-- We were given a handy dandy Winnie the pooh infant swing! I love it! I know many babes will come to love it too!!!

Plus, I keep making ETSY sales. Love that place.


Also -- funny story. I had 3 pairs of VS undies (brand new) that I sold on Ebay.

The shipping address was a guys name and I assumed it was a BF or DH... Today I got an email from him saying they fit great!!

my goodness :)

I guess these things are good to keep our mind active. No sleeping on the job ladies!!


Ronnica said...

I just started PBS a couple of weeks ago. I just got my first book today. It's a cheap way to satiate my desire for books!

mamacita said...

LOL! Too funny on the VS undies story. Hmmm...

DrSpouse said...

Stopping by as part of IComLeaveWe - I'm sorry but I had to laugh at that! The mind boggles!

I'm a fan of bookmooch.com - I gave all my books to the charity shop when we came over to the US but I had enough points in my account that I can restock my bookshelf over here, it's great!