27 August 2008

A totally FOOD post

The Crust: a shortbread type flavor.

The Berries.

The PIE.

Have any of you tried the $10 meal special at Publix? 8 pieces of chicken or 1 Rotisserie, two large sides and a package of sweet rolls. This lasts several meals for us making each meal less than $2 each.... also when we get a Rotisserie, that serves for the meal and a soup and a chicken salad sandwich.... I don't do leftovers very well, but I do well with Rotisserie....

What do you do with your leftovers?

DO you make summer berry pies or tarts?


TwoMuths said...

I love rotisserie! I can get a bunch of meals out of it, too, and it does end up making the best chicken broth. Totally worth the $6 they cost around here. Your pie looks delicious!

Shannalee || Food Loves Writing said...


Tracy said...

Rachel, I'm responding to the comment you left on my homeschool blog. The room is actually in our church -- it's nice to have a place to spread out our materials and not just use the kitchen table. The curriculum we are using is Classical.

LMLogan said...

ditto jenny's post! the broth is yummy! but if you have left-over chicken make a chicken pot-pie or casserole...or even some fried rice or stir fry. yum!! great deal too!

Lisa said...

OMG I LOVE the chicken dinner from Publix. We get the fried chicken thighs and drumsticks and we always get the cole slaw and new york style potato salad. We get it every other week usually. Plus, I have to get an extra pack of Hawaiian rolls. Love it, love it, love it.