28 August 2008

Enjoy pictures?

Last Saturday over a dozen friends and family joined us for a special evening in celebration of foster care. We are weeks away from getting our license. We hoped it would be a quicker process but we all know what paperwork and the gov is like :)

We are so THANKFUL for the gifts and friendship.

The Spread.
Chatting. Its ok to sit on the floor! WHo needs a couch , huh?
Dad and Friend Mike putting together our crib~!
Sweet Brti watching the boys play Wii.

The yummiest taco salad ever!!

Special Friends and Mother.
Corn Bread.
The fam and silly grins.
Sweet tia Barb.


Katie Barker said...

That taco salad does look good! Can I get the recipe?

Mamacita said...

It was great to get together. In God's time, He will provide you with the license and some precious children to take care of.

LMLogan said...

oh fun!!! :) ok is there a baby in that stroller or just a poster?? I'm a little confused! hahaha!! can't wait till you post those pictures full of children!! btw - can you show the kids you get?

D said...

What a nice looking party & gifts too! Hopefully the process want be too long for you.

LindaSueBuhl said...

wonderful to celebrate with family and friends - your aunt Barb looks a tiny bit like me (on my very best day!) happy hearts and helping hands make any task a celebration!

Ronnica said...

That food looks delicious!