08 August 2008


A somewhat rainy downtown Tampa. Near the Port.
We went out here for our anniversary trip to the IMAX.

The rain is dribbling down outside.

My husband snores on the bed beside me. I am enjoying my Friday. I do feel badly for Jacob and that he has missed so much work, but he is blessed with a good employer. He saw a second doctor yesterday and got a shot and some new meds. Now he is sleeping them off .

I have to admit that I was disappointed last night when I realized how understaffed our agency is. I am very anxious about getting children into our home. I need to peace-out! God's timing is perfect. Maybe I'll have time for that surgery my doctor recommended to care for my Menometrorrhagia. Maybe I'll get a part time job or make a new friend.



deputyswife said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

I hope your agency speeds up the process so you can start soon. Good luck to you!

Joy said...

Thanks for visiting and adding me to your list.
I hope all goes well with your hubby and with your plans to bless children's lives.