09 August 2008

Answer will you?

How do I describe myself?


I am a married chic.

I am a momma to my little man heaven.

Im a former professional photographer.

Im a former teacher, childcare giver and tutor.

Oh Im a pretty mediocore artist.

Im a crazy mixy style decorator on a BBBBBUdget.

I am a lazy frugalist.

I am a theater goer.

I am a fiction reader.

I am crowd cook , not a good small meal cook.

Im desperate to learn to knit.

I am a Christian.

I will be a foster mommy. I am a good parent.

Im a tired chica trying to find her place in the blogging world, and in Tampa.

WHo are YOU?


Shannalee said...

I am a food blogger! LOL.. have you seen my new site?

BTW: I read Money-Saving Mom, too! I saw it in your list at the right. I am totally addicted to PF blogs.

Lora said...

I hear ya on the *crowd cooking* thing--its hard to scale down portions and I really hate having leftovers:)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm a fan of yours. Keep on keepin' on chica!

Mrs.H said...

thank you for stopping by! cant wait to read your blog.

skB said...

How fun! I have no idea how to summarize who I am in such a great, fun, and creative way that you did!

But. . .right now, I am thinking of a flair button on facebook that pretty much encapsulates what I want to be. . .it says "Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, "Crap, she's up!" ;)

deputyswife said...

Why is it easier to cook for a crowd rather than two? Just weird isn't it?

Annie said...

I'm a crowd cook too, I'll be stealing that phrase.