21 August 2008

My Creative Place

This crafting shelf was a yard sale find. After dishing out a whopping 25 cents I turned it into a little crafting shelf. I am able to store little goodies like ribbon, magnets, tape, and superglue!!

Here you can see the entire wall space about my crazy -messy art table. I will have to clean it up before I take a picture. I'm not as brave as some bloggers out there!! for sure.

Here is a handy way to store ribbon! Many of you probably have ALOT more ribbon than I do, but I am just starting my collection!

I can't wait to have little ones in the house to make art with!!!!!


grandmapretty said...

Very nice Rae,wish I live close to you so you can help me finish some of my project!

jeileenbaylor said...

What a great art space - I love it!

Ronnica said...

That is SO cute. I love craft stuff but it's cute, but rarely do anything with it.