22 August 2008

I am busy getting ready for tomorrow!

We will have a celebration of our foster story tomorrow. We are still awaiting licensure, but we know it will happen soon and we want to be the best prepared that we can be.

Here is a sample of some things that have been given to us!

Here is a sample of our dinner tomorrow.

Yeah for Taco Salad, taquitos, corn bread, and rice.....mmmmmmmmm.......

I invite you all to read the History of Foster Care here.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

you're making me hungry with the taco salad talk!

I used to beg my parents to get me a foster sister when I was little. They went through all the training and then decided against it! I was so disappointed! I really saw that as my only way to get my little sister I always dreamed of!

I admire people that are able to be foster parents! You are special!

jeileenbaylor said...

I am so glad that the foster care situation has worked out for you guys. I think it is just such a wonderful ministry to give to kids in need. I know you'll be great!

Ronnica said...

I think being foster parent is an awesome idea. Sure, it's a great way to get your heart broke, but you get to love on kids that need it. I wanna do it when I grow up!