26 July 2008

crafting and decorating

My $2 find at the antique store in Micanopy, FL.
(Where my Nana lives. This is where I stay when I care for her.)

My PaperMache crafts...

I took newspaper and cut them into hearts.

I pasted them together in layers with flour and water....

LET DRY... spray paint...Let Dry again.

Decoupage on cute little birdie and angel wings.

Place around the house.

New Tablecloth





Lora said...

What a pretty compote!.. It looks like you're really getting ready for some kiddos. That is wonderful!

Razor Family Farms said...

How fun! I love the colors!

We have our house inspection on Tuesday and I am so excited!

Am back from L.A. at last and able to get online for the first time in a week or more. More, I think. Everything is a bit of a blur these days.


At Home Redesigns said...

Looks great. Wonderful finds!

mamacita said...

What store did you get your compote in? The Lost Ark? The Garage? God leads you to great finds, doesn't he?