26 July 2008



So I'm sitting here with my new " PinkLady". 'Twas a gift for my dear sweet husband on getting his Deputy star. Congrats to BOTH of US , I say!!! _____________________________ FOSTERING--

OUr final class is on the 7th of AUgust. Our Health Inspector should be calling on MONDAY to schedule an appt!! We could have little ones as soon as the 10th!!


Jake and I will celebrate TWO YEARS on Tuesday!!


We put in our order for this couch at American Signature Furniture today!!! It was on sale for $299!!!

It is on backorder :( so It wont be here until after next week. But I will be SO thrilled when it comes!!!! woohoo!! say woohoo with me!! We will finally own a COUCH!!! (Oh I dont prefer the pillows. I will probably find something creamy eventually....)


Lora said...

Congrats on that great new laptop--and even more congrats to your husband!
Your wedding pic is so pretty, I love the colors!
And that is a very pretty couch, too.

Mamacita said...

Un nuevo sofá. Fantástico. Me gusta el color.

Ronnica said...

That's a fun laptop! In the commercials, that's always my favorite (though it bugs me that they show it right when the singer sings "orange"). That's really neat that you'll be foster parents. I want to do that someday!